Gram's Treasure Devlog 01

Hi! Taj here!

So, this is my first devlog, but I'm planning on posting once a week - if I can.
I'll try to focus this posts around pixelart and game design, since most of the coding will be done by another dev.
(Please, do mind that english is not my primary language...)

Anyway, in this first post I would like to bring the early concepts into discussion.

For this project, I wanted to do a GameBoy homage keeping the art and music to similar restrictions:

  • screen size 160x144;
  • four shades of a color;
  • limited buttons;

One of my most recurring mistakes is to think too big, but adapting said restrictions helped me keeping a controlable scope of project.
And so, I've decided that the gameplay would be inspired by Miniboss' Deep Dungeons of Doom - a simple dungeon crawler with very basic controls and an well defined core gameplay loop. It was released on steam, OUYA, iOS and Android.

I'm thinking of making it another browser game, it's more accessible if people don't have to download and install plugins and stuff. But maybe some required features - like checkpoint or savepoints - won't work as good in HTML5. Still got research to do.

So I started! What I could at least, which was drawing stuff of course! To me, it's easier to commit to a project once I've done some sprites, even though I believe I should've tried to make a prototype first, but meh - coding is not what I excel at.
After collecting a bunch of refs, I came with this concepts for Bina - the main character:

But in the end I liked this concept better:

Well, I think that's it for this post, I'll try to bring some narrative choices next week!

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