A tiny game made with love using Construct 2!

Play with arrows and z button.

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Made withConstruct, Aseprite
TagsAction RPG, cats, Pixel Art, zelda-like
Average sessionA few seconds


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Cool app! Add gamepad support to the final build please!

Short, extremely cute, and left me looking forward to your future projects!

Thank you! I will have something new in some weeks

I played this game again, and still love it! Thank you :)

Thank you! It loves you too.

the only sad thing is that it's too short hope you add more to it!!

Very simple but cute game! The graphics are exactly right for a game like this! The ending was too cute as well <3 thank you so much for this game I love it!! <3

Very simple but cute game! The graphics are exactly right for a game like this! The ending was too cute as well <3 thank you so much for this game I love it!! <3

Thank you Evan! It loves you too!

Tiny, but well made with charming graphics. Good job!

Thank you very much! c:

I love the ending~

Thank you! c:

Deleted post

Thank you for your feedback Graham! I will keep it in mind c:

That was such a charming little game! Nice job!

Thanks Gator!

Cute! The end made me smile :)

Thank you Ester! That's the point c:

It is soooo cute <3


Thank you very much Amzela!

Wow, this is nice!

Thank you Dorovich!

Brilliant and supper cute.  Any plans to expand it? 

Thank you very much! Not going to update this in awhile, working on some new project, I will start a devlog soon!

Ahh! That was so cute!!

Thank you Karpo!

It is really short, but It was sweet! I loved the idea and overall style of the game. Great work! :-)

Thank you very much!

I liked it.

Also you have to send me the events you used for the dialogue because it's fresh af.

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Hey thank you very much!
For the dialogue, check this thread on Scirra's forum.
Also I've uploaded this file as an example for you to use!

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lLooks like Hunter 1 :

I really love it! Graphics are very cute:)

Are you planing to add 2 players in-game?

I haven't played Hunter yet, tho It seems more complex than my tiny atempt ahahaha.

I wont be updating any mechanics for a while, my plan is to learn game design by making more tiny games. Even so, 2 player support is a good idea, probably to come with a bigger map, more enemies, bosses and maybe even new abilities! My update priority for this project is to make an Android version.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it!

Good game, animations and controls are well established; There
is something that I saw that is a bit disproportionate and it is the
house of the protagonist the protagonist is very tall or the house is
very small but it is a small detail; but the rest is a very GOOD GAME.


Yeah I agree, it was a concession to maintain the general aspect of screen/rooms! Anyway thank you for your feedback!

Great game!!! Character so cute. Animation and music are cool.

Thank you very much!