A game made in Construct2 for LOWREZJAM 2018

Manage your anger as you sell donuts to jerk customers

Play using 'z' and 'x'


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Fun game, but spamming Z and X at the same time makes it super easy.

Oh yeah! I did implement that fix, but never got to upload it... Sorry about that



Really liked the pixel art and the theme, it's very original.

Congrats! loved the game!

Ty very much!


It's a simple, honest button-masher game with a funny theme. It's well made with nice little animations, music and sounds. The difficulty rises constantly - I'd say that a score of over 20 is a good one.

If you're interested, you'd be welcome to enter our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

Ty very much! 20 is a very high socre, at least to me ahaha
I would be very happy to enter the contest, where can I find more about ir?

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I picked 20, since I'm not usually very good at games like these and I got a bit below 20 on my best try. I thank you for your interest, you can register and enter the contest here: www.thegdwc.com.